...that's why they joined artillery!

Then: 1978 somewhere in Rhodesia
Paterson, Denison, Soteriou, Pedersen

Then: 1978 somewhere in Rhodesia
Bushell, Paterson, Soteriou, Pedersen

January 2001 somewhere in Surrey
Pedersen, Denison, Paterson
- less hair, failing eyesight, but still original teeth

March 2002, pub in Paddington, London
Wyllie, Denison, Soteriou, Paterson
We literally had a 3 hour window for this reunion to catch Gunner Soteriou, flying in on a business trip from Cyprus. So we made the most of it!

August 2002, Central London
Gunner Paterson and L/Bom Denison celebrate L/Bom Bushell's arrival in the UK with ladies' beer glasses.

January 2003, Central London
Lister, Denison, Wyllie, Bushell, Paterson
Bushell missed the last bus and was forced to practise
route march techniques to get home.

July 2003, Central London
Paterson, Denison, Caminada, Bushell
25 years to the day since we were stood down. Amazing.
Remembrance Sunday, November 2003, Central London
Bushell, Lister, Denison, Wyllie, Paterson
Note Gunner Wyllie's lady-boy drink - a Bailey's. Jeez.
18 March 2004, Old Georgians, Harare
Caminada, Fonseca, Heathcote, Paterson
Life's a bitch in Zim these days - except, not really...